Measuring for Cornice and Coving

  • Measure the perimeter of the whole of the ceiling area which you wish to be covered by cornice in METRES, e.g. 28 metres to cover the required area
  • Choose the cornice pattern you desire from our online shop, e.g Cornice (C02) is £27.00 per length
  • Find the length of one piece of cornice from our online shop, e.g. Cornice (C02) is 2.4 metres per length
  • Divide the required area to be covered by the length of one piece to calculate how many lengths you need, e.g. 28 metres divided by 2.4 metres = 11.67 lengths of cornice
  • Add 10% due to corners, matching, mitres and awkward areas, e.g 11.67 multiplied by 1.1 = 12.84 lengths
  • Round UP to the nearest whole number to give the quantity of lengths of cornice needed, e.g. 12.84 rounded UP is 13 lengths
  • Multiply the cost per length of cornice by the quantity of lengths of cornice required to give you a total price, e.g. £27.00 x 13 lengths = £351.00
  • Or just contact us for any assistance and we'll work it all out for you, especially if the room is a complicated shape therefore requiring more cuts or the cornice is patterned